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Oxygen Infusion Treatments & Facials

With an Oxygen Treatment a nebulizer is used to deliver serums using a fine mist of 100% medical grade Oxygen.  Then we penetrate serums deeper into the skin using an Oxygen Massager.  This treatment is very relaxing leaving your skin dewy, plump and radiant.  With all Oxygen Treatments, Hylauronic Acid is used, which benefits all skin types.  Hylauronic Acid is a natural occurring humectant that is found in our skin, yet lost with age, neglect, poor skin care, environment etc.  Hylauronic Acid retains moisture in our skin by 1000%!!!  NO KIDDING research proves....

Oxygen Infusion Treatment


with pure, potent, sterile, custom serum...

Vitamin C





Oxygen Infusion Facial


What our customers are saying

I never had an Oxygen Facial before and I didn't know what to expect.  It felt so different from other facials and my cheeks were higher and plump when I left the spa.  It lasted for days.  Definitely going back for more!

Preya S - June 2019